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Nicole Maruyama

4th Grade Teacher


I love to teach because school is one of my favorite places to be! Ever since I was little, I loved learning about new things. My favorite school activities have always been reading and writing. I have discovered that my favorite genre of books is nonfiction.
My favorite thing about teaching is meeting new students each year. I also especially love to create new classroom activities and art projects. I love to work at Tate because my students and coworkers inspire me.

I earned my Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree at the University of Southern California (USC). I also earned my law degree from Southwestern Law School. I have had many academic adventures.

Outside of the classroom, I like to spend time with my family. I also like to play the piano, sew, draw, and dance. An important family member of mine is my dog, C.C. She and I walk together every day, very early in the morning and after dinnertime. We are always looking for new animal friendly adventures in Los Angeles!