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Luis Cerritos

Educator (5th)


My name is Luis Cerritos and I extremely happy to be your teacher this year. I Believe that with HARD WORK AND DEDICATION we can achieve anything. This means that when you step into my classroom you are ready to learn. Every time  I see a student I see great potential because anyone is capable of great things.

My favorite sport is soccer, I grew up playing it and watching it. Soccer taught me that with hard work anything is capable. I apply this philosophy to real life. Now I try to be an amazing teacher by working hard. My favorite soccer teams is Atlas and Mexico. My favorite soccer player is Ronaldo because he is a perfect example of how hard work can make you the best player in the world. He has always worked very hard to be where he is. Even now he is considered one of the best soccer players in the world and he is still staying extra time after soccer practice so he can be the best.

I could talk about soccer forever any other questions that you have for me just ask!