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Ivan Martinez

3rd Grade Teacher


Welcome back everyone to another year here at Tate Academy. My name is Ivan Martinez and this will be my third year teaching. I am originally from South Los Angeles, but spent most of my life in  sunny South Gate. 

I am a person who finds joy in meeting new people and trying new things. In my free time I love to read, explore, travel, play sports, and try all types of food. I am the oldest of four children and have always felt the need to be a role model to my peers. Whatever the situation, I am always the one to crack a joke and have fun with every moment.

This year I am excited to be teaching a new grade level and can’t wait to inspire you all to love reading. Reading was a challenge for me as a child but through every challenge comes an opportunity. For me reading has been the tool that I have used to expand my perspective on life and everything that comes with it. I hope that this year I too can inspire you to see things in a different light.